Brewing beer is one of the great crafts of Britain. This tradition continues in Devon by Clearwater Brewery.

Using local waters and natural ingredients, we have been producing a range of cask-conditioned beers since 1998 with growing success.

Our beers are brewed using the finest ingredients: local Devon water, malt from the UK and Kentish hops supplied by Charles Faram in Malvern.

We offer an efficient, flexible service and pride ourselves on being nice people to do business with.

We can supply casks, pins, beer-in-a-box and 500ml bottles.

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T:  01237 420 492

E: sales@clearwaterbrewery.co.uk

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This smokey smooth chestnut ale has a sumptuous lemony aroma rounded out with toasted sugars.

 Its nose develops to encompass tart apple freshness and some light malt wisps.

Broad Reach 4.0% ABV

Full flavoured malty goodness and dark in colour which brings to mind the fundamental quality of ale.

Smooth to the mouth with a lightly earthy scent.

Proper Ansome 4.2% ABV

A pale, golden hoppy beer with a distinct clean and crisp edge and a bitter finish.

Mariners 4.2% ABV

Core Ales

Delightful honeyed beer, straw in colour and sweet intaste ideal for those who have a sweeter tooth.

Honey Bee 3.7% ABV

Created by Clearwater for The Artists Rifles Brewing Company, this premium craft pale ale is sumptuous in flavour, hoppy and crisp with spicy notes.

Artists Rifles . 4.6% ABV

A fruity, copper coloured smooth ale, slightly hoppy releasing faint bursts of peach, toffee and coastal grasses and a light nutty bitterness to round off.

SS Freshspring Steam Beer . 4.5% ABV

Speciality Ales

A full bodied strong ale, guaranteed to warm you through.

A sweet and malty aroma presents the caramels and smoky hints of Belgian style ales. Ruby in colour with a hint of amber.

Dark Night 5.2% ABV

This fruity, copper coloured ale, has an aroma of citrus before tasting a short hop note with a hint of seaside salt in the air.

Broad Reach 4.5% ABV

Seasonal Ales
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Golden, crisp and hoppy, a lovely nose of fresh cut apples and melon.

Faint velvety bubble and a light biscuit taste with the most delicate of tannins.

Real Smiler 3.7% ABV

Clearwater’s mild, traditional style brown ale, well balanced and hoppy but with a light bitterness, this ale is refreshingly light.

Expedition Ale 3.5% ABV