dympsypumpDevon Dympsy

4.0%, There’s a very good reason this is our best seller, simply put it’s a very, very good beer! This smokey, smooth chestnut ale with a lemony aroma and a citrus edge has a loyal following.


"Devon Dympsy has a sumptuous lemony aroma, rounded out with toasted sugars. Poured into the glass the beer reveals an oak honey tone, and its nose develops to encompass tart apple freshness and some light malt wisps. The first taste delivers a primarily citrusy edge, but extends to touch upon delicate hop tannins, finishing with a faintly smokey air.

Dympsy is extremely drinkable, and - after a deceptively light start - unfurls layers of evocative flavour and scent, forming an ale of bright citrus eddies and heady pastoral undercurrents."  Dan Smith - Sales Manager


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