darterpumpDevon Darter

4.5%. This fruity little number copper in colour excites the taste buds from beginning to end. First the aroma of grapes, then the nutty taste, finally leaving your tongue tingling with a light bitterness, one pint is just never enough.

"Devon Darter asserts its unique character right from its first scent, sending forth first rich chocolates, then towards a surprisingly ripe, almost tropical fruit bloom. It's smooth pour amasses a calm but formidable head to the ale, the bubbles of which disperse and regroup to release bursts of peach, faint toffee, and coastal grasses.
The first taste is a short hop note with a hint of sea side salt in the air. Further tastes retain a clear, soft centre to the structure whilst the combinations of citrus fruits and grapes jostle for pole position occasionally accented by a light nutty bitterness.
The graduating character of Devon Darter is accentuated by it's in-mouth nature of finishing short on the palate, then delivering an even more varied taste selection with each following sip." Paul Stewert-Reed - Head Brewer


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